Lecture Series | Dr. Mark Brimblecombe

Next month (October 2020), I begin a lecture series, which will be one lecture every month (or two):

  1. The Emergence of Christianity and the Jesus Myth
  2. Breaking down two-thousand-years+ of Christian Theology
  3. The Atheist and Scientific Argument against Religion: Strengths and Weaknesses
  4. Early Taoist Philosophy – An alternative to Religion

The first (and the last) lecture is ready to go. This is a topic which I have researched over the last thirty years, and especially in the last few months. I owe much to the recent works of Biblical scholars such as Dr. Richard Carrier and Dr. Robert Price.

This is somewhat speculative and raises the question of whether there was an historical person called Jesus… the alleged founder of Christianity. Maybe, maybe not. Whichever is the case, Christianity emerges from a ‘soup’ of many different traditions and trajectories in the first century A.D. The dominant strain becomes the one which we are most familiar with, with the Jesus of the four Gospels (itself a very contradictory story), and the writings of St. Paul who knows virtually nothing of this story. In the last one hundred years we have discovered literature from other early Christian traditions, especially from the Gnostic Christians. This gives us a clearer picture of the ‘Celestial Christ’ myth and the reasons for the development of an ‘historical’ Jesus.

The Jesus Myth Lecture is here.

I hope that Christians will be interested to attend these lectures. If nothing else, it will provide an opportunity for their ‘defending the faith’ and testing out ‘Christian Apologetics’.

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