Why mitigation will never stabilize the climate

I have previously shown that it is too late to mitigate, by at least fifty years (see my earlier blog post of 18 January 2021). Central to that argument are the facts of self-reinforcing feedback loops, tipping points, and the realization that temperature increases from higher concentrations of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere have […]

Arguing with Christians

“I spent a couple of hours looking at some of your writing, we don’t get to repeat any minute of time and without wanting to offend Id have to conclude these two hours spent have been a waste of my time. The authors referenced take scriptures and quotes by writers such as CS Lewis out […]

Climate Change and the Mitigation Myth

It is not nice to be told that you have been diagnosed with a terminal condition. It is even worse to be given false hope that if you did this or that you could mitigate the problem or turn it around when it cannot. If a medical practitioner does this, they lose their job. But […]

Living and Dying

My previous post was probably too hard to swallow for many who believe to be true only what they want to be true. Besides, talking about death is a ‘turn-off’ for many. We prefer illusions of immortality. But the good news is that the post was as much about life as death. It is about […]

Let’s get real about Climate Change, Collapse, and Extinction

We have a problem here on Planet Earth. We are on a trajectory to collapse, dystopia, and extinction. Here are a some facts: Global warming has resulted from human activity: population growth combined with increased consumerism, and related carbon emissions. There is a direct correlation between the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (causing […]

Lecture Series | Dr. Mark Brimblecombe

Next month (October 2020), I begin a lecture series, which will be one lecture every month (or two): The Emergence of Christianity and the Jesus Myth Breaking down two-thousand-years+ of Christian Theology The Atheist and Scientific Argument against Religion: Strengths and Weaknesses Early Taoist Philosophy – An alternative to Religion The first (and the last) […]

A post-Christian Reflection

I am an atheist and an ‘unbeliever’ having been a Christian, a bible scholar, and a theologian for most of my life. So, I am now an apostate. This may offend those who are ‘adherents of the faith’ because I’m saying that I’ve been seriously deluded for much of my life, and so by implication […]

Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive dissonance is the disconnect between what we think or believe is true and acting as if it were not. It can also be the other way around… acknowledging what is false and acting as if it were true. Either way ‘cognitive dissonance’ is the disconnect between beliefs and actions. It is often easier for […]

God: Love and Justice

According to the Bible, God is love. This looks like a ‘hand in glove’ trick, the hand (or fist) being the justice of God, and the glove being the love of God… and so disguising or ‘dressing up’ the so-called justice. In the Old Testament, “love” is truly an alien word. In context, love for […]

Racist Ideas and Religion

Racism is arguably one of the greatest evils on the planet. A much-cited example is the Nazi antisemitism that resulted in the atrocities at Auschwitz. Another is the long history of ethnic cleansing based on the belief that a god has chosen a particular ethnic group of Semites to be his chosen people, and has […]


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